About Certpaic

Is the system of certification of indigenous ancestral production for conservation, a mechanism designed for the differentiation of indigenous production in national and international markets, based on the recognition of its ancestral values, as well as the traditional practices associated with its productive processes.

It seeks to strengthen the productive processes that contribute to their own economy and the good living of indigenous peoples through a verification and certification mechanism for their production, thet recognizes the contribution of these ancestral practices to the integral conservation of the territories they inhabit.

Certpaic is created

To facilitate the recognition and visibility of the production of indigenous peoples in the markets, guaranteeing its traceability from the origin.

It aims to create a link between indigenous families, their representative organizations and clients, allowing to position their products and traditional forms of production contributing to the conservation and protection of biodiversity according to their particular cultural context aimed.

Certification System

Certpaic, we seek to contribute to the cultural, environmental, social, and economic sustainability of the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada,Colombia, and the world by improving agricultural and non-agricultural production abilities that strengthen the income-generating capacities of indigenous families.

During this process we will work on the consolidation of a base of indigenous producers, which will strengthen skills to conserve and use natural resources responsibly and effectively, supported by our technical team, which will guide them so that their farms, plots or productive units are prosperous and manage to become important sources of income for their homes.

Our Services

Accompaniment to technical teams for the correct management of information of traceability.

Verify and certify the implementation of ancestral indigenous practices linked to the sustainable production and conservation of culture and biodiversity.

Promotion activities

Access to the Certpaic monitoring and traceability platform

OPA Objetives


Protection of indigenous cultures


Conservation of ancient territory


Integration of sustainable indigenous communities


Sustainability productivity with quality for indigenous peoples

Sustainable Ancestral Practices


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