Participation in the launch of the world forum of indigenous peoples

In the Agora event center in the city of Bogotá, delegations from different indigenous communities in Colombia and foreign delegations met to participate in the World Indigenous Business Forum (WIBF), which is the most important international meeting in the world of indigenous businessmen and entrepreneurs of the world, which over the last eleven years has established itself as the main point of reference for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and businesses of indigenous origin, focused on building a model of well-being, good living and sustainable development from the worldview of the indigenous peoples of the world.


Jaime Ramirez, manager of A&DMARKETING, spoke about the export of Colombian coffees from the Kankuama and Inga indigenous communities for the Canadian market, an export coordinated from Asoprokan as part of the strategy to make the seal of ancestral indigenous products visible as certified products, in this event It was attended by delegations from New Guinea, Haiti, Cameroon, Canada among others, as well as; the participation of the then Minister of the Interior Daniel Palacios. The World Forum of Indigenous Companies WIBF will be held in the month of October in the city of Villavicencio as the official venue and will include the participation of CERTPAIC as a model of sustainability for Indigenous Peoples.

Members of indigenous communities together with a representative of the Métis indigenous people